I thought that the extension unit I had was broken.

Turned out that the webcam was. That was after buying a new extension lead for the USB.

I learnt a new phrase at Uni the other day. ‘Risk Assessment’ Impossible to predict.


Phew! Found the receipt and managed to get a replacement. WORKING!


Now I can’t find the sorted After Effects file with the 2 eyes working and playing the film!!!!!


Will have to start again.  Still to sort out the code in Processing. Time’s running out fast.


Beyond the Screen Project

Creating my first piece of inter-active Digital Art

I think I’d like things to be turned around onto the audience. My first idea is to have eyes looking back at the viewer and detect their proximity and have the eyes move in the viewers’ direction, to turn things back on the audience.

We engage with others by making eye contact. Just like animals checking to see if another creature is friend or foe. We use our eyes to gage how someone feels or what they are trying to hide. Animals watch the eyes to gage whether another is friend or foe. There is also a culture of being monitored and followed.


Eyes on a pillar. The audience is participating, interacting with the work.

We engage with others by making eye contact

Trigger movement in the eyes? Not that the eyes follow the viewer like Hemmer’s.

a head emerging from a surface, the wall or floor?

Surprise them by having the eyes detect them and move towards them. Not too quickly though. I don’t want it to turn into a game where the viewer will jump about. Perhaps tell a story inside the eyes?

Use Arduino  and pressure pads to trigger the eye movement and instead of just eyes create a head/face to place the eyes, so the eyes are more engaging?


Got the clay and am going to try to create the head over the surface of a bowl I’ve got.

…….perhaps a personal history inside the eyes. Animate it? Important moments from my own memory…….


Been driving myself mad thinking about my own history and important moments. I also don’t think that the audience would relate too closely with one person’s particular past.

Changed my mind about the head being on a pillar and want to put it on a plinth. Then it will be nice and close so the audience can properly engage with it and be close enough to see the film that’s playing inside them.

Am also going to attach headphones to the plinth to keep the audience engaged and attached to the story inside the eyes.

Have decided to make the film a chronological story of media that everyone can relate to. think about how the film will roll, make it linear and historical using music adverts news anything I can think of or comes to mind. Don’t want it to be an historical lecture but a selection of moments that could be shared with everyone, but have significance with the HEAD. It has it’s own life and soul, and chain of memories.

Adverts, black and white tv music major events. 50 years because I can remember back that far!

What software to use, for the movie?

I am going to use iMovie as I suspect it will be the simplest.

Making the HEad is turning out ok. Finished the face. Just have to make sure it’s flush with the surface it sits on so no light can escape. Should be dry in a few days.

Decide to stick with You Tube clips.

I can’t download films off You tube. Will search for Software to allow me to do this.

Yup. Head looking good. Although it looks slightly alien or manga. I don’t think this is such a bad thing. I don’t want it to be a particular person, but a representation.

Brilliant!! Found Wondershare for taking the clips off of You Tube.

DId a search on adverts from the 60’s and found some great ones that took me back to a wee girl. I’m a little bit concerned that only 50 somethings will be the only ones who really relate to this project, but I do also like the fact that tv started around that time proper and colour shortly after. So even if you weren’t alive at the time it will still prove interesting.

How to make the plinth. Did a search on Ebay for a plinth and the ones I like are extortionate!! Maybe make one myself. Must ask at Uni if there are any!! And see how the projection would work inside!!

Actually, I don’t think a standard plinth will be big enough to house everything….. laptop and projector and keep them hidden.

Had a go with the projector and projected my eyes that I’d done in Flash onto the wall. Hadn’t really thought properly about how it would work. Pretty pointless to do it without the film ready!!!

Must crack on with it.

Bought some board to start making the plinth and got a good friend to cut a hole. The head looks great on it! No gaps!! I’ll use a rug to hide the pressure pads and use Processing to activate the eyes movement.

Found the Mash advert!! Great. Pretty random!! How did the Twin Towers came to mind! Have found a few more. The landing on the moon!!

After Effects!! The place to create the masks of the eyeballs. Then I can get a projector and see how it will work!!!! Fingers crossed, another thing I’ve never done before!

Tricky. Found a tutorial that teaches you how to make a mask in After Effects. I can’t work out how to make 2 identical ones!! Later.

Putting hair on the head. Looking good. Going better than I thought!

Got the movie working !!!! Yee haa!

Must hire a projector from Uni!!

Dropped the Head on the floor today!!!  I spent ages making it!!!!

Booked the projector for next week.

It doesn’t work!! The projection won’t work pointing upwards reflected off a mirror!!! I’ll have to project head-on.

Managed to  stay clam enough to see how it looks straight on. And it works!!!!! But I’m going to have to re-think the plinth idea!!!  Back to the head on a wall?? How??


Use the hardboard I bought for the top of my homemade plinth and suspend it off a clothes rail?? Cover it with material so you can’t see the workings?? No. I don’t like this idea.  Light will leak out and it will look tacky!! I could use a cupboard??? I don’t think I’ve got anything big enough or small enough to carry.

Got loads of clips. Not sure I will keep the order chronological. makes it a bit tedious when it runs.  I think I should break up the history and not have it chronological.

I forgot to measure the distance I projected from!!!! Must look at the picturesI took.

I think making the film random  to match how one thinks about the past is a good idea. We might have a small chain of thoughts that are closely connected and then jump about time. Hope if nothing else. the viewer has some enjoyable moments watching the clips and that they trigger where they were at the time.

Presented the idea to Uni and I think it went ok.?? Was able to show that projecting the film works. If only in one eye!!! And that was without sound! Some brilliant work being shown by the other Students. Some very clever people!!

How to fit the Head??

Use the hardboard I bought for the top of my homemade plinth and suspend it off a clothes rail?? Cover it with material so you can’t see the workings?? No. I don’t like this idea.  Light will leak out and it will look tacky!! I could use a cupboard??? I don’t think I’ve got anything big enough or small enough to carry.

Still looking for a cupboard. Another friend is keeping a look out for me at the YMCA second-hand furniture place.

Found a cupboard!!!! Looks sweet. I really think the small wardrobe will

work really well.

We also attach our memories to the clothes we wore I

think it also looks more human and lived in.

I love the fact it looks old and worn.

Much more fitting for the Head.

Wardrobe measures…33″ 19″  65″  Good height for me to look into the eyes. Not sure about the taller viewer??? They will have to crouch down I’m afraid.

Visited the Chalk-pit to have a look at the cupboard. It feels heavy but should be able to put it into the car to take it to the Lighthouse well before so I can set it all up. The measurements are ok.

How to get the head to stick to it upright and still have the hair on and should I paint it?

It does look very strange all white. Not sure.  Think I’ll paint it to look like a doll as I

originally thought

I need to find something to sit inside the wardrobe so that I can put the Laptop

in without having to mess about with the wardrobe more than is necessary.

Abandon the pressure pads.?

Will it look wrong in a Gallery space to have a rug? I don’t think having a rug is getting much support. it might look a bit rough. Maybe webcam and Processing? Would mean no rug but the webcam ill be seen. Unless I cut another hole?? I’m going to have to cut a hole bigger than the audio lead in.

Found a stool to put the Laptop on. I can put the Projector on the top shelf and raise it up if necessary using books.

Loads more clips. And realised they all need editing!! No-one is going to stand and watch a whole advert or a whole song!! Realise I’ve left this all so late!!!

I want to do the hair in-situ so it hangs well and is harder to see how it is connected to the wardrobe and looks more organic.

Can’t deliver with the head attached. How can I attach it without damaging it in the car? I’ll have to make it detachable!

How to attach it from the front with no visible fittings and keep the hair attached. It will have to attach from the front.

I need to get hold of extension leads for everything. i’m running out of time to correct this if they aren’t long enough.

I think I’ll attach an inner band to the head and push some pencils through. Shouldn’t shatter the clay if I do it when the clay’s wet.

Have a session of After Effects and manage to finally get 2 eyes running in sync.  Yaay!! Asked fellow Students thought making the running order of videos random worked for them and they agreed. Random it is.  While I’m putting the band on decide to insert a pencil on the edge while it’s wet

and hopefully the pencils can be inserted and hold the head tightly in place. It’s so heavy.

I decided not to make a band, it wasn’t that stable. So I put tabs around the inner edge. That way it should be easier to fit and make the hair.

I really need to get a Webcam ASAP.

It’s dry!!

Drew a circle around the head to cut a hole. Must be working too hard! When its cut the hole’s too big!!! It’s supposed to sit without any light being seen!!! Aaargh!! So frustrating.

I bought a Webcam from Maplins and was told it would work with a MAc and it didn’t. Went off to PC World and got myself an HP. Installed the Software and it looks great!! Phew!

I’ve only got one week!!!!!!!! I thought I had two!! I’m going away this weekend ALL weekend!! HELP!! I’ll have to transfer ALL the movie clips to the laptop!!

SPent ALL evening emptying the Laptop so it can handle the work I need to do, also Installed a trial of Wondershare on the Laptop to use in Scotland


Video on HTML5



I thought this would be a cool name for my site…..but already taken.